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for two hours in a movie theater. i'm not saying i don't like the news story but don't like gravity, erica. >>> that's probably the one hundredth time i have heard that and the sandra bullock going around. and as we take a live look from the roof camera, the sun trying to come out. you can see it is brighter out there as you head out the door this morning. a lot of folks have the day off for veteran's day. temperatures really not too bad. in the upper 40s, low 50s. san francisco very mild at 54 degrees. but take a look at your visibility chart, down to zero miles for napa and six miles of visibility in oakland. right now we are seeing 8 miles of visibility around sfo and tracking some flight delays averaging one hour on arriving flights. higher clouds and sunshine and it looks like temperatures just a touch cooler than what we experienced yesterday. to break town the numbers. 66 for pato alto and fremont 66 and low 70s for the alden valley in the east bay, low 70s in walnut creek and danville, 66 is the high in castro valley. we will have temperatures in the low 60s for san bruno and downt
visibility. rain chance is at zero so you don't need your umbrella. san jose right now 47 out at the door and for those of you in concord, we are still holding on at upper 30s. it is a cold start for places like santa rosa and napa. high clouds moving into the bay area. ancipitation has been over the water. in the afternoon, expect scattered clouds and partly sunny condition and looks like temperatures up mainly in the 60s. hayward, we'll cee lo 60s for downtown san francisco and 66 and that seems to be the common number for redwood city and sunnyvale. >>> in san jose there is been a violent thanksgiving at 4:00 this morning after getting reports of multiple shots being fired. kron four is at the scene. >> reporter: police officers say a man and a woman were sitting at the front porch at 7:00 in the morning where multiple shots were fired. we got a chance to talk to the lieutenant with the seasons police department, he says right now, they're searching for two people and the motive is not known but they don't believe this was an intended target. >> the suspect approached in the vehicle an
of the rosh and above our bedrooms. the a lot of people have a pile of rubble still. i don't have anything. it's gone. i don't know where it went. >>mark: authorities said the death toll was the sixth for now as they continue to search through the rubble. we will have more on the storms with a new video coming in and putting people being told to leave the stands at soldier field yesterday pri will have that update coming up. the new force the board of the caldecott tunnel is open at commuters are using for the first time. kron4's terisa estacio joins us from near the caldecott. >>: i want to show you just how smoothly traffic is going. the fourth bore is open 3 the there's been a lot of anticipation as far as having this new tunnel. this new aspect of the caldecott tunnel opened. there was some concern on this monday morning that there were going to be a lot of people using this and east direction right now. as we have observed in the past hour out here and there's been that no slowing of the traffic. people seem to be moving quite quickly through the tunnel and on the other side where there's
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, which means a lot to me. don't worr santa will finus. ♪ [ female announcer ] this christmas, light santa's w with the hallmar santa signal ornent. >> welcome back. we continue to attract a major hot spot for the marlins and commute. 1 01 southbound we still have two lanes of blocks although the chp did estimate that are run 7:00 a.m. they would have the lane cleared. we are not receiving any updates. we do not know if they have been successful. it is jamming up the ride south of st. francis drake boulevard. we have reports of flooding for the one on one southbound. we're already backed up. the drive time is over 50 minutes. >> it has been a release fluoride on interstate 80. the commute here heading west and coming down from the upper to the lower east shore freeway. the drive time is coming 31 minutes from hercules to berkeley. westbound highway 4 lately has been slowing down to and will pass. we normally use to catch a break here but now it is as solid ride all the way to 242. that is a rough, rough commute. >> the ride for five that it was bound is not too bad.580 ise of this we
's a good kid. i don't know why he did this. richard thomas has been charged with a hate crime, aggravated may heim-mayhem and felony assault. he is expected back in court next tuesday to enter a plea. >>mark:airports across the country will hold a moment of silence to honor the t- s-a officer killed at l -a-x one week ago. security checkpoints at hundreds of u -s airports will stop at 9:20 this morning. it is the moment when gerardo hernandez was shot last friday. the 39-year-old father of two was the first t- s- a officer killed in the line of duty. authorities say the alleged gunman.paul ciancia.targeted t- s- a officers. ciancia remains hospitalized after being shot by police. watching wall street. the october job supports pripet. only 120,000 jobs were expected but a very strong jobs report to bridge the unemployment rate did go up from 7.2 to 7.3% but that's only because the federal workers who were furloughed for 16 days accounted among the ranks of unemployed. for keeping our eyes on twitter going public yesterday morning bridge ranking and the opening bell. some of the biggest twe
. was it a clerical error or is it buyer's remorse. they simply don't know and has a bart to back pedaling at this time. we had a chance to talk to bart riders this morning. here's how they win on this issue. >>: i believe that they made a contract and they should stand by it. >>will: even if that might cost millions of dollars. it could be a clerical error. ? >>: they signed the contract traded a agreed to that contract. >>will: and here's it. they hired a professional investigator. he comes into the bargaining of rome with lots of credentials. he's been paid lots of money. and they're saying why did he not detected the error. they'll have a final vote on november 21st next week. if they sign on and this is done. if not fit can go back to the bargaining table. and it can use a strike no. 3. >>mark: thanks for the updates. in >>darya: your fare across the golden gate bridge could increase today. the district board will vote today on toll increase kron 4's jackie sissel has the details jackie? to the winds are blowing that way for shore. they say officially it's not a done deal. you are loo
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for another way of transportation. >> absolutely, don't they trust you? >> they're not smart, they will not go in worth desperate >> bart send out an e-mail stating that there will be no service this morning. so, it is out for the morning commute and they're urging you to seek alternate means. so, we can forget about watching or wondering when it will be restored. you are on your own this morning. well, sort of. if you are on the bay bridge, take a look at the westbound ride. the 880 approach is now backed up beyond the bay bridge toll plaza for the westbound ride. we are backed up beyond 24 on 580. 24 is slow from before the caldecott tunnel. the drive time is over 30 minutes from here just to get to the bay bridge. look at the east shore freeway. it is already backed up in san pavlova in the westbound direction. if you are heading to the san mateo bridge, take a look, southbound 880 is backed up to 238 and northbound 880 is backed up towards in union city. this is slow out of a lease industrial for the west bound mind to ride. there are wind advisories and for the san mateo bridge. thankfull
was really scared. at this time i'm not sure. i don't really have a hat to think of what was really going on. i'm only really worried about my son and thinking about him and i'm pretty sure that he knows what he did and the actions that he took and there will be consequences to that. >>darya: the father will be turned off-shift will be turned over. mexican already are expected to turn over the suspect and the child to u.s. border agents at the local village, arizona border crossing some time today. >>james: san francisco sheriff has released the details of his department's investigation into the disappearance and death of lynne spalding. share of ros0--sheriff ross mirkarimi went through the list of things that went wrong during the 17 day search for the spalding. the trouble started when deputies got a report patient at wandered off. the deputy in charge did not consider this a missing persons case. information was not passed on to the next deputy on shift. then the sheriff said hospital staff misidentified spaldi ng, who is white first as african-american and then as asian and hospital log
and jewelry for it and why they don't have any suspects in custody they do want you to remain vigilant. >>: during christmas, halloween that kind of things you can imagine we have more robberies. if it's just the hours. its darker sooner. that's sort of think it sold and also there's also more shoppers so there's more victims. there's more people so it's good that people pay attention to their surroundings. >>: police believe a surveillance camera captures this image of the suspect's car and a costco parking lot where the last of the robberies occurred police describe the two suspects as 18 to 20 year-old man wearing dark hooded sweatshirts and either bandanas or ski masks. while this all occurred there was an aide to robbery over at the 7-eleven here in vallejo police believe that was not connected to those other seven the james they want to remind people to be vigilant and going into the holiday season to be careful. if you know anyone who's heard about this spree for have seen that ex's-- lexus to call police. >>darya: some new details about the man seen wandering around and it also
but chile george thanks. a live look. you can see we don't expect any weather-related delays so for air force one to arrive this morning carrying president obama from seattle it should be fine. clear conditions to make that landing. but a chilly start. dry and mild for the next couple of days wednesday increase in clouds. possibility of some light rain tracking on thanksgiving day the best would be along of the coast area south of san francisco. temperatures right now, we have some 30 including oakland and 39. 38 for san mateo. kids will need a scarf and a nice jackets. here at the freezing mark and vallejo. at 36 naso 34 santa rosa. here's our satellite and radar picture. called on tuesday and wednesday and chance for some rain around here. i have more details on your forecast. we're back after this break. seven twenties five. the dow was up 25 points. we saw the futures were rising on the head of the groundbreaking deal. we do have that working with us today. if the dow is up over 16,000 and trading at 16,091. apple has acquired israel based motion technology company prime since the s
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falcons. just this season he lives in alameda three we don't know where he was heading to at the time, but we do know where he ended up dying 3 here's video of a the crash that took place a ride on a round of the broadway exit on northbound 880. chp says he was traveling in an access of 100 mi. per hour. loses control of his vehicle hit a low cliffs the back of a semi truck goes over the center median and then slams head on into the driver who was actually going southbound on 880. slams into him so violently that both men died instantly on the same. both cars got pushed back almost 30 to 40 ft. of the initial point where they hate each other. st. coming out now for many people from the raiders expressed their condolences saying they lost a friend a great teammate but there's also a backlash from the community saying he is not the victim. they believe the 64 year-old man is the victim because he was minding his own business traveling along the freeway. had nothing to do with this and then the bmw comes in his direction. we had a chance to talk to neighbors and here's what they have to
. >> you can say is that we clomp get away. before it would only just did just a few people but we don't have all those people that we used to say. everyone is moving along just fine. >> the time is 7:32 a.m.. we will not check on your forecast. >> right now it is moving closer to the eastern seaboard. you concede all the states that are affected by this. in boston red around the york, when this is all said and done we're talking between 2 to 3 in. of rain fall. perhaps a foot of snow for places like syracuse and buffalo. this will impact travel no doubt but it thanksgiving day itself, it will--this storm is expected to impact 33 states, this is the same storm that brought rain storms last week. mild weather here in the bay area and we do have high clouds moving in. we may see a few sprinkles. >> we do have some changes to talk about and are walking through the seven day coming up. >> we are watching a couple of incidents and that is the good nils. let's go to the peninsula will go down to burlingame. no. the broadway closer to millbrae there is an accident that is affecting the ride i
at the hamiliton street offramp since drivers don't have to stop you would expect the flow of traffic to be continuous but what you expect and what you get are two different things because drivers who appear to have drivers licenses, how they got them i have not a clue are coming to a complete stop some are cutting aross the gore point after stopping and some like this man just sits there and sits there, well you get the idea some drivers like this bus driver should know better.but i guess that is asking for too much i saw a couple of near misses and some divers so engulfed in their phone it took a good honking to get them moving the funny thing is if there were a stop sign then divers would never stop, what a strange world we live in now this lady in the blue acura is upset because the drivers that have the right away are not stopping for her but the winner of cambell's worst driver of the day goes to this driver who not only makes a right from the outside lane but cuts trough the shell parking lot, driver on the sidewalk and then drives down the staples parking lot yup, and im, will
driver de ran into some workers here. we know the worker's worked for a company out of fairfield. we don't know if those workers are local from this area or out fairfield but one of them did suffer minor injuries and the other one unfortunately fatal. died on the scene here. there were hoping to clear this all up maybe by six to but because they became a crime scene we have to wait for our special investigators to come in here and conduct their investigation. after the corner return to the can see if it can actually pick up the body and to the identification of the body. as far as the driver. he suffered major injuries. he said the hospital and in the hospital they were able to confirm that he was under the influence. he will be charged or is arrested and is charged right now of with felony d.u.i. i and he may be a get additional charges for vehicular manslaughter. at this point he is arrested. and investigators are still waiting for some of those members. or try to get an update as to when they will reopen and all lanes here at north bound 680. >>darya: and george you do have the latest
issue and we don't claim to understand all of it but we don't feel comfortable proceeding with the gig at this time and actors james keane has died. she's most of for her role trixie on the honeymooners. she was 90 years old. for hollywood minute i'm dave stewart. >>will:take a look at this holiday light show in grand prairie, texas. it's known as the annual "prairie lights" display. four-million christmas lights illuminate a two mile path for people to drive through. visitors can stop for food, gifts and rides along the with a hello to santa. a squirrel that was kidnapped from utah by a truck driver, carted hundreds of miles away to wisconsin and then rejected by her adopted family has returned home for the holidays. the unnamed critter is now recuperating at the wildlife rehabilitation center in odgen utah, the squirrel hitchhiked a ride back west with a former assistant from the four lakes wildlife center in madison. the squirrel was kidnapped when a truck driver at an interstate 80 rest stop near the utah-wyoming border lured her into a makeshift box trap. experts say the squirrels
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. are you next? announcer: but don't wait. sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic is ending soon. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious. just when you thought you had seen it all a couple saw this right outside of their call ron hall monday morning. >> a young elk that carries about the trampoline in their yard and decided to jump in perry >> other elks gathered a rather trampoline and appeared to be trying to help. >> eventually it managed to find its way out. >> coming up with our lives as the new casino is just about to open its doors up here will have details on a live report coming up here >> and coming up we will have winners and losers on wall street perry it >> and only all kron4 the agency decided to finding wanted sons bets on the sunset the streets of
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